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I'm sorry for the delay in mentioning this. Things have been crazy and they're probably going to go on being for a while, and I feel weird breaking the silence to shill. But I thought a few of you might want to know: Alleys & Doorways is available from Torquere Press.

It's an e-book anthology of homoerotic urban fantasy, edited by yours truly. I hope some of you find it interesting – I certainly did. I learned a hell of a lot from the process of putting it together.

I want to say thank you to the staff at Torquere and all the authors who contributed: for their patience and professionalism, and most of all, for their fantastic stories, which range from the hysterically funny to the scary to the tender, from coming-of-age tales to later-life relationships, and from long-standing partnerships to first meetings. And, of course, here there be dragons – and were-critters and magic and a little sex, too.

Authors include Rose Fox, Valerie Z. Lewis, B.A. Tortuga, M. Decker, Steve Berman, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Wendy Barnum, Julia Talbot, A.J. Grant, Abbie Strehlow, Sean Michael, Elspeth Potter and Ann Stocce.

You can see the cover art over in the icon spot, and, if you're so inclined, get the book here:

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